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• 4G smart box router enables wireless and Local Area Network (LAN) connections, connecting up to 32 devices.
• Portable pocket Wi-Fi will allow for wireless internet connectivity to 10 devices.
• The 4G smart box will retail at Sh5,500 from a previous price of Sh7,499.
• Pocket Wi-Fi will retail at Sh2,500 from Sh4,499

It is a new dawn for small towns and remote areas that do not have access to Faiba network after Kenya’s telco Airtel Kenya has launched internet broadband devices for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs).

The initiative (Internet Mashinani) comprises two devices; a 4G smart box and the 4G pocket Wi-Fi.
Speaking during the launch, Airtel Kenya’s managing director Ashish Malhotra said the telco seeks to provide fast-speed internet connectivity with affordable data packages for homes, SME’s and communities in remote areas.

“Today as we launch Internet Mashinani, we seek to provide affordable home broadband devices and data packages, through the use of 4G technologies to provide quality broadband access to the users. We are committed to enhancing universal broadband access through continuous investments in our 4G network,” Malhotra said.
Malhotra added that targeted users will enjoy cheaper prices for the data packages, which are lower than existing products in the market.

According to the initiative plan, 4G smart box will retail at Sh5,500 from a previous price of Sh7,499 included with a 10GB free data top-up whereas the pocket Wi-Fi will retail at Sh2,500 from Sh4,499 with an additional five GB free data top-up.

“This is in line with Airtel’s strategy of increasing accessibility to communication services and the internet through affordable services to all Kenyans,” the telco says in part.

The ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo who was foreseeing the launch, noted that the move is in line with the new government’s plan to digitally transform the nation by enforcing inclusivity.
Owalo said such products will ensure internet access by remote-based businesses, communities and homes is faster, effective, and convenient.

“It will ensure that no one is left behind in the drive towards economic recovery and development through technology,” Owalo said.

The products will now enable the remote based businesses and communities to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.
By Jane Kibathi.