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It’s a new dawn for President William Ruto’s administration as his cabinet get sworn to the office. Speaking after the 24 cabinet appointees took the oath of the office at state house, Nairobi on 27th Oct 2022, the president assured members of his cabinet that they have his full support as they get into their offices.

In his speech H.E reiterated that the 24 cabinet secretaries which includes the Attorney General and Secretary to the cabinet had no option but to serve the electorates the best.

“In the discharge of your duties, in various ministries you will be serving you have my full support because you have no other option than to succeed. Failure is not an option, we have a country to look after, we have a plan to implement and we have the people of Kenya watching us,” said the Commander in Chief.

The head of state also told his cabinet to adhere to the dictates of the rule of law in the exercise of their duties to avoid turning the country to a “run on the whims of individuals”

“I expect each and every one of you as you head of all public servants, to uphold the constitution and the rule of law to be at the front and centre of our government. That should be the guiding principle,” the president added.
He further cautioned the Cabinet against regional favouritism and negative ethnic politics he also called for mutual respect between the Cabinet and elected officials and noted that the CSs will from time to time be appearing to the parliament to present their plans and progress of their dockets and to be held accountable on the same.

“My intention and that of my deputy is to run a clear and accountable government, we have no grey areas, and we have nothing to hide. We want to serve Kenyans in a manner that upholds integrity,” he said.

All the members of the cabinet got into their offices immediately and they are expected to get down into business for a better state of the nation.

By Jane Kibathi.